Sunday, September 14, 2014

Powered Up Power Trip

So Sunday's game saw one player missing but new players meant a group of 9 to GM. This is largely a D&D crew but the T&T saving rolls are flying now with doubles causing big excitement. The 'buckets of dice' syndrome only got to the scale of 6d6 for hand blasters and the tallying of those cubes again produced more excitement than the 1 dice damage did in TOG rules.

The changes I have made to PT basic rules are:

1) everyone gets to claim a super power and it is tagged to one attribute

2) when you do something stunning using your SP you get a plus 1 on your SP to add into future SRs for SP-related actions only

3) No WIZ but PSI instead (otherwise per 7.5 T&T)

I intend to grant a second SP when +10 is reached on the first SP.

9 players worked like a dream! One died but was flipped back in time with a big SR by Tommy Two Times; another lost a hand when a blaster exploded on a critical fumble but a PC with the SP of conjuring living chocolate gave him a working new hand with a 1 in 7,680 saving roll of 1,1,  1,1,  2,2  4,4, 5,5 then (finally) a non-double. My Mediborg wildcard (his programming had been tampered with) got destroyed so I need to dream a new NPC to fox them.

Oh, and they rather prefer LK to Wisdom - very sound.

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