Sunday, November 15, 2015

Languages - What dT&T Did to the World of Communication

In the Elaboration section, at page 201, we find '14.0 Languages'.

I remember asking about languages on Trollhalla and Ken replying that there was a major overhaul but he wasn't going to spoil the surprise.

My first question regarding a rule change is: "Was the old rule seriously flawed?". I'd say 'yes' to that, pretty much as the book does - to have a bunch of new languages 'arrive' as your INT goes up is a stretch too far even in a magic-rich world.

Next question: "Does the new rule solve the problem?". Answer: yes, it does. Languages are split into groups in a sensible fashion and every 3 INT points over the bar gives you a shot at a new language. Fair call, I'd say.

Last question: "Is the rule simple to apply?" Answer: yes, it is.

This time round, characters don't necessarily get literacy. Oracy is the norm but for wizards or  those making a L2 INT SR, reading and writing comes as well as reasonable conversational ability.

I like the naming of the languages e.g. not 'ogrish' but 'Hroga' and the division of the Common Tongue into major dialects based on geography is cool.

You might think it it too rooted in Ken's Trollworld but it is so straightforward to take what you want, adapt where you will and leave what you don't care for.

So, I'm giving this 10 out of 10. I didn't bother to make a major revision myself but waited patiently for this and that turned out to be a good call.

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