Saturday, November 7, 2015

Weirdworld Revisitied

It was too hot to work outside and I am not that good at siestas so I decided to have a crack at one of the very early Flying Buffalo solos. I imagined it would prove deadly very quickly and very often.

It has what I think may be the least attractive Liz Danforth cover - but maybe I just am not knowledgeable enough to  appreciate it.

My first character was (yes,'was') a human warrior named Blarney Scrotes. Barney gained a skull that could talk named Fred but went horribly wrong when he failed to heed a clear warning and died in a pool of lava. I don't suppose Fred felt to good about it either.

Next up was Tombola Fuggins. She did quite nicely to begin with and gained first a light-sabre sword and then a poisoned spear. She met a gunfighter (sic) and accepted the challenge of a fastest draw contest but was told she had no gun (she figured she could fire the light-sabre). The gunslinger gave her a gun and she resisted the temptation to just shoot him with it and went on to put a slug in him. Her reward was her gun turning to gold - worth 500 GPs. That was all dandy but she too failed to heed another warning and was promptly consumed by something very big.

I rolled up a hobbit called Wuddles Begaddlethorp. I like that name. When Wuddles enters Weirdwolrd, he will take due notice of all warnings!