Friday, November 20, 2015

Solos for Higher Level Characters

I was asked what to recommend - but I don't have many that would fulfil the specifications...

As for my efforts, The Arena of Khaboom has its moments as does Strangebrew, while Wizard Went a-Wooing caters for L13 wizards.

Here's my suggestion...

  1. Saving rolls: either a) follow 5.5 and make 1,3 a failure as well as 1,3 or b) raise all INT, LK and DEX SRs so that you need a minimum of 6 to make the roll e.g. your INT is 54 so you need a L9 SR for success (you can imagine a tougher situation to fit the level of the SR).
  2. For MRs, roll 1d6 then:
  • 1 or 2 - start with a MR that gives 50% of your combat adds (e.g. your CAs = 100 so base MR is 100) then add 2d6 DARO x 10
  • 3,4 or 5 - start with 75% (e.g. with CAs = 100 the base MR is 150)
  • 6 - start with 100%
You can do something similar for foes with attributes, substituting 50, 75 and 100% with their CAs equaling 75, 100 and 150% of your CAs depending on the roll of 1d6.
There - that might give you more of a challenge!

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  1. And that ultimately is the challenge/limitation with T&T leveling...because jumping over a 2 foot wide creek should always be a Level 1 SR versus DEX....not at Level 5 SR because someone is Higher level...just my opinion though as always :)