Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gregory Goyle and Vernon Dursley in the Dewdrop Inn

Continuing the theme of sending Harry Potter characters into T&T games, these two unlovables ventured into Ken's Dewdrop Inn. Both are L1 characters with no strong attributes. Now, this little solo is pretty brutal so what to do?

When they get into trouble, Goyle makes a L1 SR on WIZ to attract the Dark Lord's attention so that they get rescued. Why does the evil V bother? He wants them to recruit more Deatheaters.

The intrepid pair have managed to sign up Toad Killer Dog, an uruk adventurer, and a succubus. Without Voldey's interventions, they would have been very dead very often.

The big problem they have is the Vernon just will not believe in magic and it is a problem for more than just Tinkerbell...

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