Monday, October 12, 2015

A Little Bit of Rules Tinkering

Charlie wanted to roleplay a character inspired by Rita Skeeter from the Harry Potter books. I suggested she work for the Khaboom City Chronicles and we went from there.

It led us to thinking about talents which don't relate to adventuring, mainly in the context of citizens.

What we came up with was spendable EPs (Experience Points) which work like APs (Adventure Points) but can be spent only on upping the particular talent.

Let's suppose you have a 'Nose for a Scoop' talent and that it is based on LK. Let's further suppose the talent is +4 and your LK is 20. You get a particularly good scoop by making saving rolls on the talent and you have garnered 250 EPs. You can now spend these EPs to up the +5 to +6 by spending ten times the current LK value (since LK is the attribute the talent is based upon). You spend 200 EPs leaving a balance of 50 and now have the talent at +6.

It wasn't complicated and we liked it.

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