Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cluedo meets Tunnels & Trolls (with a little help from Buccaneer)

Here is the game, set up on one of the thick rugs I dragged over to NZ from the UK many moons ago (it and its partner came from a place called Trago Mills in Devon).

Here's how the game works:

You deal one treasure card and one crew card from Buccaneer to each room on the Cluedo board. The crew cards indicate MR of the room's guard. There are red and black cards in Buccaneer with 1,2 or 3 crew showing. Red 1 = MR 10, Red 2 = MR14, Red 3 = MR 18, all the way up to Black 3 = MR 30.

The treasure cards may mean you find treasure in the room or there may be a penalty. Where they speak of 'reducing your crew card' total, I play you may have to reduce your combat adds via one or more attributes.

The aim of the game is to be the one who has most treasure safe in the bank at your home town (the board space you start from). Guard cards and treasure cards are not replaced once the guard is beaten.

All attributes are rolled up with 4d6 QARO.

SPD is used to move on the board. You can move up to 3 spaces per turn plus 1 extra space per L SR made on SPD - a critical fumble means you trip over.

DEX allows you to get out of a room before a fight starts (if you make a L1 SR). Remember, you only see the number on the back of a crew card but you do not know if it is red or black!

STR determines how long you can fight for. After 2 rounds of combat you must make progressively higher STR SRs or lose 1d6 adds each round.

LK determines anything else! Can you locate the secret passages, are you Born Again if slain, etc.

Oh, and there are weapons and armour. I used all the Cluedo implements as weapons: the candlestick, spanner and lead piping as 3d6 bludgeoning weapons, the rope for DEX SR lassoing, the dagger as a 2d6 stabbing or throwing weapon (DEX SR) and the revolver as a 5d6 +15 nuke! The revolver requires an appropriate DEX SR to hit plus a roll to see if it backfires or explodes per the 5th Edition rules. The treasure cards offer the opportunity to gain crew and you should read that as weapons or armour. I used cufflinks for 3 hit shields.

All the treasure, weapons and armour are placed on the stairs, which must be visited to get anything you are entitled to.

You can attack other players to kill and rob them. You may give victims the chance to rise again ion their home town square.

Of course, you can add in other attributes - WIZ for a deus ex machina intervention, CHR to convince a guard or another player to make nice, INT to find the secret passages or to impersonate another player at their home town bank. CON is need to see when you die!

And there you have it - a simple way to have a cool family Sunday evening without stress when you're tired or wined out ")

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