Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Friday (Game On!)

Come Friday, we start a new game. Four PCs, I think and a murder/sabotage mystery employing Mad Roy Cram's cast from Calzoni's Circus. The cast has been involved in various adventures I have participated in so I know (and love) them well.

Here is some of the data Mad Roy provided:

26 roustabouts
26 roustabelles
their 21 children of various ages
27 circus stars
13 side show folks
54 horses, including Tzamba and Lady Songway's pair
27 sturdy large circus carts and coaches

Haynee Canzoni and his wife Karlota who shared duty as Ringmaster and Ringmistress
Morgo the Ogre who did feats of strength
Blumphoma the 600 pound fat lady
Mergal the Mysterious - a rogue hedge wizard and stage magician. Old and arthritic, he tends to drink a lot. He resents Perry as a possible replacement.
The Juggler brothers, Jok and Johjo
Doomian the Knifer who has a dagger tossing act, and his assistant and partner, Dumia
The very popular clowns: Saphira, Bonk, Boink, and Boodles. They are VERY funny.
Wikam and Marjo, the trained dog act and their canine octet
Saldo, and his wife and kids who do a good horse act with trained horses
The Acrobats: Felippo, Fafonna, Foxey, and Fedorah
Krusha the Great with his animal act: a Bear, a Cougar, a Wolf, and a Bear
Lupini and Messanga the high wire tight rope act
The Trapeze group: Block and Dekkar, and Avera and Santa.
Studger -  ahobbit who works the ticket booth part-time.

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