Friday, October 9, 2015


We advanced three games over the last 24 hours. They all seem to head in the direction of dilemmas rather than combat or even saving rolls.

First off, is a long-running Skype game featuring Angel, van Persie and Rooney (all based on ex-Man Utd players although some might quibble at me classifying the last in this vein!) and set in the small city of Qadouche. These three low level character4s, none a wizard, have survived a pyramid expedition and now own a tavern. Having seen off a jealous rival owner (Bob Scraggit of the Raged Glass), they have set out again with captain Studley and his men, delivering a cargo of statues to a temple.

They came across a band of slavers with 30 captured elven children, all bound for the same temple. The twists and turns of mischievous fortune saw them holding the slavers' wagons and the children while the slavers hold the Captain and the statues. After setting up a successful ambush in a canyon (the slavers took their cargo to the temple and sold it on), they face the dilemma of what to do with the children. Do they seek to return them to their homes (which would mean a sea journey with no ship known of), do they seek to rescue Studley and his men, do they raid the slavers' camp (and possibly free more slaves) or do they return to Qadouche and try to find a good home for the children?

We shall see...

Secondly, we have a party of 4 elf wizards (one a ghost) who received a free pass on the underground dwarven canal system to any destination...

They arrived in the small city of Vulgaria, having had to row the barge for the last week because the khremmstone power unit was lost overboard (Captain Bluddengutz is distraught with the shame!). They were told by the first person they met that the ruling Baron was crippling the city and people with excessive taxation for his own entertainments and glory. Thereupon they decided instantly to seek to kill the Baron in his palace.

He is now safely in a bunker, they have just murdered the senior wizard from the local Guild in the Wizards' Guild offices and Bluddengutz is in prison for collusion with the elves. The ghost is being tracked by a ghost hunter and his ghost hounds while the visiting Canzoni's Circus is in dire straights, seeking private investigators to look into a series of disasters befalling the troup since the started their week-long stint in Vulgaria.

The dilemma here seems to be do they just make a run for home and abandon their hopes of treasure or do they seek an alliance with a new Guild head and continue to go for the Baron?

The third game involves the resurrected slave of the oldest pcs we have. Is he still 'owned' after years of death? What will the pcs make of his return. At the moment, he is trading off looking like a very wealthy lord and charging everything he can to his account at Khaboom's plushest hotel. Surely this will come back to bite him... He seems to be considering buying up slaves at the market to release them.

On we go!

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