Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nerdlinger Gets A Romantic Notion In His Own Little World

Nerdlinger's feeling romantic now. He can see things going well for him in this new world and is ready to settle down with the first nice girl he meets. As you can see above, nice girls are not necessarily packaged as expected out here in the alternative world. Still, he's ready to flash a smile if he can just get that sparkly magic transferred from his left hand to his teeth before she does it for him.

But what's that? Someone else is lurking, about to crash in on his date?

Ah! It appears the belle dame is already spoken for but her husband is infertile and keen to adopt a son and heir. Maybe Nerdlinger can get his head round this switch and be a credit to the family - or will the Oedipus syndrome stretch out its grasping tentacles to this dimension too?

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