Thursday, April 28, 2016


Here's a challenge for anyone and everyone:

Write a guide that allows someone without a rulebook or previous experience to a solo using 750 words or less.

On your marks, get set, go!


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  3. 1) Roll three dice eight times. These determine your starting strength, constitution, dexterity, speed, intelligence, wizardry, luck, and charisma in that order.

    2) To increase one of your eight attributes multiply that attribute by 10. It costs that many adventure points (APs) to increase the attribute by one. If your character has 12 luck, for instance, it would cost 120 adventure points to increase your luck to 13. You can do this anytime.

    3) Divide your intelligence by three. You begin the game with that many spells. You can choose your initial spells from the following: Detect Magic, It’s Elementary, Knock Knock, Know Your Foe, Lock Tight, Oh Go Away, Oh There It Is, and Will-o-Wisp. You can learn new spells for 1000 gold pieces per level of the spell learnt between adventures. A level five spell would cost 5,000 gold pieces, for instance. The first digit of your wizardry must be at least as high as the level of the spell to be able to cast it. To cast a level five spell you would need a wizardry level of at least 50, for instance. You can cast each spell you know once. They recharge when you sleep.


4) You need to roll a 13 to pass a check plus the level of the check times five (a level zero check needs a roll of 13 to pass; a level two check needs a roll of 23 to pass). You roll two dice and add the relevant attribute to see if you pass. So for a level one luck check you would roll two dice, add your luck attribute to the roll, and pass the check with a combined roll of 18.

    5) To win a fight you need to pass a level zero strength, dexterity, or wizardry check. Look at all but the last digit of your combined foes’ MR (or all but the last digit of each foe’s strength, dexterity, and wizardry combined): take that away from the number you roll. If you lose the fight you die…

If a character were to have 31 dexterity, for instance, and fought a MR220 foe, he would roll two dice. Let’s say he rolls a 10. He would then add his dexterity to the roll (31) before taking away all but the last digit of the foe’s MR from the roll (22). The result is a 19. You need a 15 to pass the level zero check so you win the fight handily.


6) Your constitution is also your life total. When you take damage it goes down by that amount. When you sleep it’s restored.