Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Fellowship of the Slumbering

What a monumental effort!

A huge task expertly and lovingly done. After sooo many years, truly amazing.

It seems like the Fellowship is sleeping now and that rest is well deserved and understandable. It is hard not to be regretful after so many exhilarating dice rolls, when the appetite is whetted.

I don't suppose all five play the game themselves. One or two, maybe, but I'm only guessing.

A pity that the energy seems to lie mainly outside the origin group. The continuation in whatever form is welcome though.

Does this seem mean-spirited of me to write this? I hope not for it is not intended to be. Cyber-communications often go astray though - as has just happened in the Darksmoke game I've been playing in at the Trollbridge.

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