Sunday, May 8, 2016

New Zealand Mindsports

Year 3 came and went - and I'm knackered! Just one weekend this year (good call) and definitely fewer people. Most come for games like chess and backgammon though so the news is far from bad...

I ran a game I called "Sword of Vengeance". I had 8 players and that proved an excellent number as they played cooperatively, with imagination and they stuck at it. Over the two days we had 12 hours game time with just one 20 minute break each day. All the players were back again - because they wanted to play T&T. Very cool!

I shall put some photos next and tell a little of the game. I could have wrapped it up - just - in the lat half hour but everyone agreed they would prefer to gather again in a couple of months and let the action unfold at its leisure.

On another front, I have completed the first draft of 'Control Freak - Spirited Resistance' and it is with Stan for artwork and Charlie for playtesting. I have already been told to change th name of one NPC due to political sensitivities...

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