Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rolling the Dice - Playing, Not Writing

I’m play testing a solo entitled “Al Kazar’s Caravan” by a new writer named Tom Pugh. It’s very well presented and even as a piece of artwork by Liz Danforth (used with her permission). 

My first character, an elf wizard, survived the attack on the caravan by judicious use of the Oh Go Away spell but was arrested on his return to the city of Kallis-Morr. My second, a human warrior called Horst Frakenblurter, survived and made it back to far-off Khaboom! 

Whereupon I decided to send him into by sprawling city solo, “Missing Inaction” (fast-paced, the pun was very much intended). Poor Horst found that his father had gotten into trouble during a drunken dinner and this resulted in Horst out on his ear in a pig sty…

He decided he was in over his head and so he slunk off rather than argue for his rights. On the very first saving roll he was asked for he rolled a critical fumble…

I decided this meant he did not get to try the following DEX and LK SRs and so he fell on a broken bottle, severing his vocal chords and losing the ability to speak. Damn!

Next he was picked up by crusty old seaman who took him to his ship at the docks and then had him tied to the prow as a figurehead. The boat went down the slipway into the under-city canal network dug by dwarves, stright towards the very solid rock wall…

His luck held and he was not squashed to pulp. Enough! There I shall leave poor, speechless Horst until tonight when his voyage into stormy waters must continue!

See? He still has his tongue – although the cat may yet get it – but I cannot show you the ruin done to his throat because miners may be watching and I don’t want to undermine them.

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