Sunday, May 15, 2016

More Gaming and a Death

I have been GMing 'The Poisoned Chalice' solo for Charlie - he had a group of 5 PCs all based on SG1. As I know the plot and NPCs well it was easy enough to ad lib without straying to far. One PC went off alone at night after a werewolf and got ripped apart. That doesn't happen to often and it reduced Charlie to a very rare ( for him) swear word. Those dice hated him - the number of critical fumbles he got was statistically unbelievable.

Gotta love those dice!

I've been extracting a short adventure as a solo from the rambling, self-indulgent 'Missing Inaction' - a barge trip on the underground canals to rustic Vulgaria, a place ripe for revolution. It looks like being about 100 paragraphs long and I shall endeavour to make it more robust and less frivolous.

Horror of horrors - I found that I never wrote paragraph 2012 for 'Missing' and will have do a revision and have an errata slip.

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  1. Hey,

    Was Missing Inaction ever updated with this missing paragraph? I was considering picking up either the PDF on DriveThruRPG or the printed copy on Lulu, and I was curious.