Tuesday, May 24, 2016



Starting a new gaming group on Friday with 3 new players and 2 old.

To cater for the interests of one new player I'm having a crack at my first Cthulu-T&T hybrid game. Charlie has a book with 3 settings in for Cthulu (we're going to do the 'Strange High House in the Mist').

I made up a character card this morning - very simple with SAN  and EDU and WTH (wealth) added to the T&T eight. I just looked for examples online and I can see I have really simplified!

Oh well, I left a big field for 'Biographical Keynotes" and that can cover all those investigative skills and mental disorders.

Will tell you how it goes... (I'm sure I will fail to stick to script - one read through and then lots of dreaming!).

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