Thursday, May 26, 2016

Power Trip

Does anyone else play this?

My Cthulu game later today will mainly draw on T&T, then Power Trip, then Cthulu for (fast, free-flowing) rules!


  1. This game book, in my experience, is extremely hard to find. If you don't mind me asking, where did you find a copy??

  2. Just a quick addendum: I just found a copy on ebay. I am eager to see how it handles super powers within the frame work of T&T. There is a plethora of superhero games out there representing different shades of the genre (e.g. 4 color, dark and gritty street level, etc.). I think it would awesome to ramp T&T up a little with super powers. And the abundance of T&T materials would make a super powered character fun to test out. A lowered powered super character might find plenty of challenges in Trollworld. And, if you think about it, several characters already have "superpowers" such kindreds some kindreds being able to naturally teleport or fly and wizards and rogues can cast spells which are essentially "super" powers. Any how, I'm looking forward to getting these rules and playing around with them.