Sunday, March 16, 2014

Circus Folk Stats

Here are some details on the performers from Canzoni's Circus given as st/cn/iq/dx/lk/ch:

Wikam  13/15/16/12/13/15  The horse rider  talent +6 for horses
Marjo    12/16/15/13/14/16  His spouse  horse talent +5
Saldo    16/20/13/19/18/17  the dog trainer  very good with canines  +4
Espera  15/19/12/18/19/20  his wife and fellow trainer  +4
Felippo  19/17/11/16/18/18  the chief acrobat - a very dexterous man  +5
Fafonna 18/16/10/15/17/17  his wife - a bit of a flirt - skilled acrobat +4
Foxey     18/15/12/17/16/17  male acrobat  +3
Fedorah  17/19/13/14/19/18 his partner  a very attractive lady  +4
Lupim      13/18/15/18/17/17  walks the high ropes and rides various cycles on them  +5
Massanga 12/19/16/19/20/20  dances on the high wires and ropes  +6
Bloch       18/16/12/17/18/17  the trapeze group chief  very jealous of his female partners flirtations
Dekker     19/15/13/18/20/18  the other trapeze man
Avera       17/14/15/19/19/20  dekker's partner, but a big flirt too. this is a rather stormy group
Santa       16/15/16/17/18/20  Wants to marry someone rich and it drives Bloch crazy.

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