Monday, March 17, 2014

More Circus Performers

Again atts are st/cn/iq/dx/lk/ch/ and wz where important

Gorgus 14/16/11/10/16/11 former Uruk warrior level one
Toadie  12/16/10/11/9/7  would be more at home in a swamp than anyone else here
Felina    20/20/12/20/10/18 can communicate with felines of all types
Treeyahji  8/9/17/8/10/18  has good hearing and spies for Studger when asked
Blumphoma 3/20/9/3/6/7  - Murgo's lady friend - (he loves fat women) pretty helpless as a rule
Phlemm  12/12/13/13/14/12  an expert at arson
Schwarts  10/10/9/8/7/5  basically a recluse - hates his ugliness
Cameelyah  4/12/16/18/7/19/ wz 30  knows a lot of fairy magic
Frakis       10/15/12/11/13/14  enjoys displaying his hairy body to others
Flexx         12/12/13/16/10/13  does pretty good for a man with his condition
SSShuussshhanna  8/19/13/11/16/17  wz 15  can communicate with and control serpents
Seeyalla   7/12/19/9/20/17  wz 24  a true witch  can communicate with dead but hates to do so
Mergol the Mystic  10/12/18/17/16/5  expert stage magician and knows some real magic too

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