Friday, April 18, 2014

Charlie's Diary of a Cosmic Mage

The Diary of a Cosmic Mage

Day 1: An elf came to visit me today. He had a book that he didn’t want any one to read any more because it appaarently had some information in it that would help lead the way to almost unlimited power.
           I charged 100Gps for a blank book spell for each 6 pages of book that I enchanted. He grudgingly agreed. There were 50 pages in the book so I charged 750Gps (discounted because of the size of the book).

Day 2: Today a leprechaun came to me wanting to play a practical joke on a hobbit at his birthday party. I suggested the spell “Fart”. He thought that was a good idea.
            I charged 20Gps for the spell. He amzingly agreed. So I went with him to the party, and when the moment was right I cast the spell.
          I heard a loud farting sound. He jumped and looked round very surprised.

Day 3: Today a party of adventurers invited me to come on an adventure with them. It took A LOT of persuading but I finally agreed to come with them.

Day 4: It turns out that this party is working for the Mayor of Khaboom. First there was a centaur named “Gustoudo”. Then an elf called “Trenifer Nicklo”. Then a human called “Han Yuckliner”. And last, a dwarf called “Ugraph Kickster”.
          They are helping take out a very powerful liche lord that lives at the bottom level of a dungeon. Personaly, I think it would be a better idea to make friends with this liche lord.

Day 4: Gustoudo seems nice enough.
Han is alright but I’ve never been too keen on people like him.
 Ugraph seems alright but he isn’t the most thoughtful person, takeing most of the food he has for himself and not sharing.
Trenifer is probably the kindest. She is a high ranking witch, so she understands what I like doing and is very respectful of what I do. I just hope I’m able to repay this somehow.

Day 5: We have just arrived at the entrance of this liche lord’s “dungeon” it was swarming with “good” kindreds. A man in blue robes came out to greet us. He was a nice fellow busy most of the time but that was understandable seeing as he was one of the Mayor’s chief advisors.

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