Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Arena of Khaboom - A Bestiary and Combat Manual

I have just 4 opponents to write up of the imposing list of 72 that sat before me way back when.

The current Arena opponent under the microscope is the mighty roc.

The roc actually made it in history at least as far as Noah's ark:

All feathered things yet ever knowne to men,
From the huge Rucke, unto the little Wren;
From Forrest, Fields, from Rivers and from Pons,
All that have webs, or cloven-footed ones;
To the Grand Arke, together friendly came,
Whose severall species were too long to name.

 Both Marco Polo’s Book of Travels and the Arabian Nights described the roc, the mythological bird of Arabia. Marko Polo describes rocs living in Madagascar, and envoys from Madagascar present the great Khan of Cathay with a roc feather. In fact Madagascar was the home of a gigantic bird the Aepyornis maximus or elephant bird. This bird may not have become extinct until the sixteenth century. While huge like the roc, this bird was not able to fly.

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