Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Magic City Mayor

You can buy issue one at DriveThru and at Lulu.

The main characters are:

The Mayor of Khaboom, elected and all democratically sound but troubled by the workings of the Wizards' Guild and now faced with a population explosion following a peace treaty with the Goblin King

House Elf, not an elf but a human advisor to the Mayor not much loved by the Guild

Samos Treek , a speedster who loves bearing bad news

Hildan Urvill, the Mayor's deputy who has just discovered sex and now wants to be no.1

Murgatroyd, the Mayor's right hand warrior bodyguard, who goes mad in a Jason and Medea fashion after discovering his wife's infidelity

An (as yet) unnamed minotaur who likes rampaging

The Goblin King, pretty confused at the cards fate has just dealt him and having to deal with segregation policies

An (as yet) unnamed demon, stirring up discontent and looking all too much like a goblin

The Khaboom people, moaning, oscilating and unhappy with the immigrants

The Wizards' Guild, just being capricious and machiavelian as ever

Mrs Miggins, House Elf's cook and the best pie maker in town

Issue 2 is in production :)

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