Saturday, April 26, 2014

Games Galore

A big weekend for T&T down under. The cannonball delivery game go diverted in two ways - 1) there was a random suggestion for a game for assassins so I ran an off the cuff session with four assassins trying to kill the prince regent of Knorr or kill one of the other assassins and 2) because the wagon the players had had reinforced to bear the weight and had had a mezzanine floor put in for sleeping was burned out  by an ogre/goblin attack.

In the assassin game, all four pcs were killed. Two were sentenced to a cage fight and then the winner was executed when he bit the throat out of the loser; another was forced to box the hobbit wife of a businessman and Mrs. Parsnip rolled incredibly well for most attributes and turned out to have a lethal left hook. The last, a leprechaun, was deafened after Wink-Winging into a kettle drum when the orchestra started up and Wink-Winged again, this time blindly, and sliced himself inside two dinner guests.

Later today comes a Jack and the Beanstalk-based game.

The cannonballs game had an encounter based on Christine Lea's "Ephemera Furnace" from an Elder Tunnels 2010 issue.

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