Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Adventurers' Compendium

I had a crack at the first solo in the Kickstarter compendium of old Sorceror's Apprentice solos ( which sports a very nice cover).

Michael Stackpole's Kingmaker asked for a character with no more than 30 personal adds. I used Ardenstone to generate a human warrior with 7 adds. With a STR of only 9, there were always going to be some potential weak spots for Mike to exploit.

Psycho Bloch (based on someone I once flatted with at Uni) did well - not enough strength to gain the first token but then he cruised along picking up tokens 2-6. He rolled a 3 when 1d6 determined the MR (could have been as high as 60) and he threw 9 to make a L2 SR on CON; he survived a 3d6 Blasting Power from a wizard.

He was out and seemingly greeted by admiring fans when he flubbed a L1 SR on LK with a critical fumble and down he went, a la Julius Caesar, under a flurry of dagger thrusts.

Yes, these are old style solos where death lurks in every paragraph....

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