Thursday, May 8, 2014

Golden Dust, Red Death

I made a new wizard, a human called Neezweke, who set out as a drug smuggler in another Michael Stackpole solo.

Neezweke had to decide whether he delivered the cargo or hijacked and he decided to stick to earning the 1,000 gold he'd been promised. With no drama, he succeeded and then was offered 800 doses of the drug rather than the gold. It sold for 50 a throw so he accepted. Selling was not so easy and took a L2 SR on LK for every 1,000 worth he tried to offload but there was no penalty for failure apart from losing that bundle of drugs.

He took a talent for selling and then made 38 out of 40 rolls, obeying the law of averages and netting 38,000 gold. I suppose he must lodge on Gull and have his money in the bank there. He plans a shopping spree at the Wizards' Guild and should be replete with L2 spells very soon.

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