Sunday, May 25, 2014

Of Liches, Arenae and Goblins

Three things:

1) The timeless campaign to rid Trollworld of the Liche Lord took another step forward as the Lizardman level was 'tamed'. No fighting, a few saving rolls to spot and identify traps and then a lot of talking backed with CHR SRs and the taking of spare talents for 'befriending', 'negotiating' and the like. A new L5 spell was introduced, "Talk This Way", so that two PCs could master Saurian, a bloodletting rite was survived and a treaty was signed leaving the wizards and their army with free access to the levels below the lizards, with the lizard people guaranteed tenure on their level and told of the imminent return of Molochos, their deity (can't wait for the sequel).

2) Eamon's "The Goblin Cave" has been downloaded 131 times from DriveThru - he is enjoying thoughts of how many PCs he has slaughtered.His reward is a ride on Andy Holmes' "Funfair of Death" so I will take revenge vicariously for the many victims of the 'Cave'.

3) My "Arena of Khaboom" is complete and will go to Lulu very soon and to DriveThru a little later.

That's all, folks!

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