Friday, March 18, 2016

A New Beginning

I have often wondered how things started.

Apparently Nerdlinger had the answer and created a new Universe just before he died.

All he needed to do was fashion a few very small particles with different charges and properties, allow for them to occasionally combine, with a variety of results arising from some of these combinations and give the whole lot a bit of a shove... E=mc2 takes care of the rest if you set that as one of the fundamental laws for your particles and male c (the speed of photons) at a very, very high number. That's how you end up with wizards able to cast Hell Bomb Burst spells.

Anyhow, the relative endless of the time arising from that inital 'shove', the amount of energy available and the inevitable ensuing collisions of particles made it fairly certain that Nerdlinger would appear again - and so he has, this time finding himself up against a less than charmed monster.

It is probably not safe for him to assume magic will operate in exactly the same way this time round but rather to factor in a degree of Uncertainty.

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