Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spirited Resistance

Here's my work-in-progress map of Caerthaeph't, the scene of the solo I'm wrking my way through at the moment. It is based on finding a ring that delivers the Spirit Mastery spell (formerly Yassa Massa). The city first appeared in my solo 'Joy Ride' - that one stemmed from me having my car stolen - and it is a city full of thieves.

We played out a campaign on this theme very happily - the main character (Donald Neuf-Trump) quickly embraced a life of crime but hardly ever used his ring once he got a toehold on the ladder of success. He moved from Caerthaeph't to Qadouche because of the intense crime rates in the former city and in the latter he established a legitate business as a front, D.O.N. - which stands for 'Delver Operations Network', a company giving 'advice' to novice delvers.

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