Saturday, March 5, 2016

Getting Your Fingers Burnt (Why is life so mean to me?)

The Finloch Glaum game has taken a few more baby steps forward with Pywch managing to get Nosesplatter released from his 4-fight contract with the Khaboom Arena, thanks to Souza's interventions. e has discovered that the dwarf he seeks is not on the West Coast but was plucked from a all-too-dangerous adventure involving the forces of the serpent-fiend Zweetz when some better resourced adventurers stepped in. Wedges and his mate Meaty Mutt are now supposed to be in the small town of Stoneydaze, the mayor of which, the mega-merchant Shoppie, having spiled the beans at a birthday party for his young son - Pywch was delivering a present for Souza, a rather haphazard WIzard-Godfather.

As for the image above, well, our young friend who was on door duties at the Guild had a mishap on the way home after work. Pywch had upset some rich nobs in a carriage who were rather impolite, causing the dwarf to Hold That Pose one of the middle horses in the team of six. This caused the carriage to slew into a surly minotaur, who rather took umbrage.

When the City Watch turned up, the captain, Thickie Puddlebrain, soon arrested the minotaur and got the street moving again. How does the poor, young wizard fit in? Well, hickie is rather extraordinary...

His INT is just 4 but his WIZ is 230, making him almost invulnerable to even top notch wizarding. His mates try to egg foolish mages into bets that they can't zap him. Generally, they can't. He doesn't feel a thing and his mates share the spoils of the wagering with him. Our friend got lured into a bet and his spell backfired on him.

Perhaps he'll just quit his job and leave town.

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