Friday, March 11, 2016

Bad Advice

More trouble afoot. This fellow has decided that the Wizards' Guild don't pay very well. He hasn't really done his sums because board and lodging is thrown in plus first class security, which in a magic-rich, lawless world like this does not normally come cheap.

At first he tried his hand at party tricks for children's birthdays but his 'Sparkle' spell failed to draw the crowds.

Still not having the spare cash to live the high life and impress the ladies as he aspires, his next business foray is into opening dungeon doors for novice delvers. His first assignment ran at a loss because he failed to add in travel expenses so he now finds himself with the prospect of a dismal journey back to town, sleeping rough and looking over his shoulder every step of the way as his out-journey bodyguard (ie the delving party) disappeared into the bowels of the dungeon as soon as he opened the door for them (without paying - another lesson: take your fee up front).

However, his mind is playing tricks on him and he imagines he sees a glint of gold ahead. We might know that all that glitters is not necessrily gold but does he?

Temption is crooking her professionally-manicured finger his way... What to do?

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