Friday, July 12, 2013

A New Day Dawn's

Major news is the commitment to a new chapter in the Fellowship of the Vine. Roy, Chet and Paul are all up for it so Perry, Mensa. Zhahn, Wulfe, Kannish and a number of the Vampires Wars crew will be up to their necks in a mess of their own making before you know it.

One of my Top 3 solos of all time is 'City of Terrors', just released as a dT&T product and looking limber in its old age. Those Wandering People have got me wondering...I've just finished an 8,000 word short story for Trollzine #8 featuring Fang the Delectable and I'm thinking that my next story project should be 10 adventures set in Gull, one for each of the Wandering People. Do I have copyright issues here? Probably not but I don't wish to offend...

We were going to play again Ken's 'Seven Challenges of Kartejan' these last few days but decided instead to embark on creating 'The Seven Challenges of Terju' (Terju is a Archduke of one of the Eight Realms of the Demon Plane) - had such a good time it has to be written up into game form.

Which takes me back to dT&T 'City of Terrors'. Ken suggests you could do well in it with 2 players and a GM - a very good way to get more life out of the solo you purchased and the inspiration for 'Terju'.

My sinful pride moment of the day was seeing at Trollhalla mentioned in the same breath as 'CoT' and 'Bedlam', my own 'Fleabitten'. Now that's some honour, being on the podium with Messrs. Stackpole & Holmes :)

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