Friday, July 5, 2013

In Defence of Boris

Lur'Kha said... " Khaghbboommm, the problem with that scenario is if Boris is the PC and Fang is the NPC, then it sucks to play Boris.

I think it would greatly reduce the viability of Wizards as a player character class."

I think it takes much more than that to reduce that particular viability :)

If Boris was the PC, I'd only be operating it to make the game more enjoyable - he'd normally be with his gang of warrior-thugs and it would just be a rare time when the Big B didn't steal their thunder.

If he was on his own, gamboling round the city, zapping people who wore the wrong colour shirts, it would get boring if he always knew the outcome. If his spell failed, he should quickly decide on Plan B before Fang feeds his fingers to the fishes.

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