Saturday, July 6, 2013

The New Spell Book of the Khaboom Wizards' Guild

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I think everyone's game will suit a slightly different arrangement. I thought it would take a long time but it didn't. In figuring the WIZ costs, I reckoned on wizards having a staff to cut the cost significantly. I also wanted to save goodies like Hidey Hole and Fly me for a little later. The ones I took from the Codex are the ones I enjoyed playing in the Fellowship game. Some I ditched though because they struck me as the type that could be invented in various forms on the fly.


  1. I can see the logic for the Teacher's Pet spell, but I wish you left it out. Everything else looks fine.

  2. Mensa was so pleased with himself, showing off his new IQ and learning.

    "What Mark do to make such fuss?" he asked.

    "He published a new book," I told him. "A spell book."

    Mensa looked a little puzzled, but shrugged his shoulders and answered "B-O-O-K."