Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Aid Talent - Healing Costs WIZ

We are experimenting with a healing talent at the moment. It grew out of so many pcs taking a first aid talent, with the question of what that actually brings with it.

The way we are playing it is as follows –

1.       It is magical and powered by WIZ  
2.       It is not available to wizards or magic-using rogues 
3.       It heals 1 point of CON per level of saving roll made 
4.       APs on the saving roll are limited to twice dice roll (to keep on a par with Poor Baby) 
5.       The healer expends I point of WIZ for each point of Con restored 
6.       WIZ is recovered just as for magic users 
7.       The pc must specify the limit to the healing he/she will do before they attempt the healing or they     risk death if WIZ goes to zero or below (INT or LK SR could be given at GM’s discretion)
 8.       To take the talent, at the time of asking the pc must make a L1 SR on WIZ 
9.       The talent can only be based on the WIZ attribute
10   The talent will not be bestowed on a pc above L1 ( so the pc can elect not to take a talent at the outset and wait to increase WIZ after gaining and spending APs so long as no relevant attribute passes 19)

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  1. Yorrdamma would simplify the thing- I like the first aid and second aid kits on pg 44 of the 7.5 rules. With the first aid kid, the user with a Healer talent could cast a Poor Baby using the kit. He could not heal more Con points than half his Wiz (Which would not be allowed to go below 1) With a second aid kit, the Healer could heal 5 extra points in addition to the Poor Baby healing.
    PCs without the 'talent' could only heal 1 point with a first aid kit, and could not use a second aid kit - the latter requires some training.
    With a Saving Roll on INT or LCK a Healer talented PC could heal extra CON points equal to his Talent level.