Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Someone Not To Mess With courtesy of Mad Roy Cram

Tzu Zengar...
She is a member of the Rasulki House militia. Good friend of Nalki. Things have been quiet since the destruction of Greybat. Tzu has seen the others getting their gear together and found out about the murders and the kidnappings. She would love to go with them and punish the bad guys. She will have to leave her horse Tsamba behind. He threw a shoe and has not had it fixed yet.
Tzu is 190 pound 5'11" woman. A bit on the stocky side. She works out a lot.
STR 30  CON 30  INT 17  WIZ 12  DEX 20  SPD 18  LCK 20  CHR 15  ADDS 40
Wears scale mail (8 pts x 2) Helm (2 pts x 2) Studded leather kilt and high leather boots.
Master Archer (+6 talent) with Bow (5D) and quiver with 24 arrows.
Level three warrior (3 extra dice in combat and HTH) has Broadsword (3D+4) and three daggers (2D+3) one in belt, one in boot, and one in her mail suit.
Can handle a lance or spear if needed.
Has Pack, Light waterproofed cloak, matches, mirror, first aid kit, 5 days iron rations, wineskin, Has an amulet that protects her from first level magic.
She is tough as they come. Few men get to see her feminine side. Doesn't smile a lot. Knows her warrior business well, a professional.

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