Sunday, July 10, 2016


Let's recap: you have been gifted an axe by Fairy Nuff. It has an iron head and a wooden shaft it is not enchanted, ot does not have an owner to whom it is special nor is it for you to use right now.

Let's change tack and find out why you are here.


Are you on a dungeon adventure?

1-3: yes
4-6: no

Dice, he say "2".

OK, now we're getting somewhere.

Are you solo?

1-3: yes
4-6: no

Luck of the dice response: 4.

Maybe this is a routine dungeon crawl.

Are you part of a group or do you have just one buddy?

1-3: you're in a party of delvers
4-6: you have a partner


OK, How big a party?

1d6 plus 1,

Here comes the result of the Dice Jury: 4.

So a party of 6.

How many warriors? (1d6)


Plenty of meat shielding on offer!

Are the other two both wizards?

1-3: yes
4-6: no


Are you a wizard?

1-4: no
5-6: yes


Now we know that you are a spellchucker!  What level?

1-3: L1
4-5: L2
6: higher


L2, so no novice.

Are you human?

1-3: yes
4-6: no


Let's find out your kindred...

1: elf
2: dwarf
3: hobbit
 4: fairy
5: leprechaun
6: something else


That's it then, A L2 dwarf wizard in a party of six, just presented with an ordinary axe.

One last question for today.

Does Fairy Nuff have something specific in mind for you and the axe?

1-3: yes
4-6: no


Oh well....

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