Saturday, July 23, 2016

There's Always A reason (Almost Always)

Stan sent me this image:

He says they are "frien-emies"

I suppose I shall have to find out...

I can't easily slot them into my "Brewer's Brains" campaign where three-way civil war is raging on the streets of Qadouche.

I can't really plop them into the desert in the "Oasis of Jihazar" campaign that started last week and continues today as the green guy looks as if he'd hate the hot sands there.

My Vulgarian campaign which we picked up on Thursday after a gap of 2 months due to distance issues won't work because he delvers are on the verge of catching up with the ghost of Princess Dementia and confronting the silver warrior who broke her heart and dumped her (An adaption of an old D&D setting I chanced upon).

Probably the best bet is the Ogre campaign I'm doing with just Charlie as he's very tolerant of deus ex machina stuff. Having just met three very powerful wizard-gods, his character (a Stargate goa'uld) is on a road trip to the Ogre Peninsula from the larcenous city of Caerthaeph't in the company of the infamous and glamorous Rose of Stormguard. I think we could easily fit in an encounter with Fairy Nuff and a big dude stuck in a swamp. I don't think he's quite an ogre but maybe a cousin. Perhaps she put him in a Slush Yuck?

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