Monday, July 18, 2016

Fishing In The Stream of Consciousness

I have to admit that the title to this post comes from Terry Pratchet. I'm listening to a book about a steam engine, Iron Girder. It was a throwaway line but it struck a chord for me. I read one TP book years and years ago and this is my second dip into his ocean. I would be thinking I am guilty of borrowing too much from his well of inspiration if I wasn't so ignorant of the material.

Back to D&D/T&T thoughts. GMing that game on Sunday, I really missed the LK attribute! I like to rumble my way through the attributes for saving rolls (as you will notice in my solos - I remember Patrice of the French T&T fame telling me this was a 'good thing') and I found no use for WISDOM without resorting to sommersaults and had to resort to random dice rolls to replace LK. I'm sure others have ways to work with this that I just did not think of but...

Ken says better to be lucky than to be good and I say better to be lucky than to be wise and have a bunch of hit points!

My post at the Trollbridge today:

And by the way - I had 6 sales of "Control Freak' in the first 12 hours on DriveThru. Now that may sound small (and I knw those who buy first -thank you! - are the keenest) but that is actually pretty good for me  We all know that amatuer writer/publishers do not do this for the money (as if!) but for the love of the game. Still, I'm pleased to sell one copy on the first day!!

Charlie has a dormant solo, "Cult of the Chaos God". that he has left alone for 6 months or so and I'm encouraging him to work on it again as a follow up to his "Jailbait" solo (that still sells the odd copy. Funny how one sale is like a touchdown.

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