Sunday, July 17, 2016

Jihazar Oasis

We began a new campaign yesterday!

Three players, maybe two more to join in and a cracking start in as much as we didn't reach the oasis and laughed alot. Well, that's my criterion for judging a game.

One player I had never played with before. He is a D&D player and I got an email from the worthy lady who runs the NZ MindSports Festival (which I have run games at for the last 3 years) telling me he was looking for a game.

Having discovered, thanks to the very un-rulebound Darcy Pery, that there's no reason you can't run D&D rules in the T&T spirit, I decided to take a crack at running a D&D game rather than T&T. Happily, Jacob was a man after my own heart and it quickly became apparent that the main difference was that we were rolling d20s for 'saving throws' rather than 2d6 for 'saving rolls'. OK, the spell names wee a bit dull but we agreed we could call them what we liked and that a successful game would be one where no rule book needed to be consulted.

The session ended when a very drunk elf wizard who had to be tied to the back of his camel to escape bandits and under-the-sands trollkin headhunters (he vomited on the camel's arse in an attempt to sober up) finally made the roll to regather his wits, just as the camel had escape the grasp of the halfling/hobbit/hobb paladin/warrior-wizard/paragon (my name preferences are the middle ones, by the way). This lead to the first and only spell cast of the day - something like 'Cloud of Daggers' which essentially sent a bunch of daggers in a five foot bunch at the pursuing savages.

This is not an accurate depiction by any stretch of the imagination but Stan sent this sketch and it almost fits:

More later, I expect...

And in other great news (to me at least), my new solo is now available as a book at Lulu and will appear on DriveThru as a pdf in a coupe of days. Not as exciting as T&T being wed to androids, I know, but you can only do what you can do :)

It's called "Control Freak - Spirited Resistance" and here's the web link:

And here are the covers:

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