Saturday, July 9, 2016

There Must be A Reason For All Of This

The dice comes up with a '2' so a weapon is given to you by Fairy Nuff. Fair enough but what is it?

1 - a sword
2 - an axe
3 - a dagger
4 - a spear
5 - a bow and arrows
6 - something else

Let's not wait until tomorrow this time!

Another '2' so an axe is what you have received.

What is it made of? We'll try head and shaft combinations.

1 - stone and wood
2 - bronze and wood
5 - all steel
4 - iron and wood
5 - jade and steel
6 - something else

Time to spin again: 4.

Is it enchanted?

1-2: no.
3-6: yes

And the dice verdict? 1.


What to ask next?

Is it special to someone?

1-3: yes
4-6: no

Mr Dice says....5.

We must probe deeper it appears.

Is it purely pragmatic, for the here and now?

1-3: yes
4-6: no

Cube response: 5

Gosh, this is opaque!

Let's wait until tomorrow to think up some more questions.

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