Friday, May 18, 2012

The Dungeon of the Horned Toad

Alex wanted to know about favourite characters -in the Dungeon of the Horned Toad this evening, Joseph's character was killed by Keir's. Here's the short version:

Ag was armourless and now weaponless after being abandoned by his colleagues, alone in the dark with a Glob approaching him. He got dunked in foul, oily water but escaped from the Glob with only his daggers and coins wrecked by the liquid. He got back to his associates and worked out how to destroy the gargoyle wearing a big key they wanted.
They soon all found themselves on the edge of a graveyard they knew to be infested with zombies. Thane, a non-Irish leprechaun, decided he wanted the key Ag was holding. He grabbed for it but missed. Slencio, a wizard, leapt on his back (yes, man leaps on leprechaun) but Thane Wink-winged away to grab for the key again. Di Quickly, a fairy, cast Hold That Pose on Thane. Then Ag punched Thane but rolled a three and with his -3 comabt adds, just parted his hair. He then decided to pick Thane up to throw him into the graveyard. With STR 10 he needed a good roll and he got one - Thane landed on his shoulder in the graveyard but his leather armour absorb the shock.
Three strikes and Thane was still uninjured. He then drew his daggers and charged at Ag who decided to run away. Di tried to TTYF Thane but missed the INT SR and cast a version of Lock Tight...Thane went to stab Ag in the back - not easy when you're that small. Knifing his calves was more realistic.
Thane leapt as high as Ag's thigh and proceeded to nearly severe his leg, exposing the bone and slashing the main artery leaving Ag's CON at -3 - he was on death's door.
Slencio attempted a tourniquet and did stop the bleeding at -6. Ag failed a SR on LK to have his blood coagulate and clot and at -9 when the rag binding the wound became saturated Slencio decided to remove it to out on a fresh one...
Thus the blood was able to flow freely again and poor Ag reached the point of no return.
Thane eventually thought to strip Ag's corpse of his gold only to find it munted and worth maybe 1GP scrap with an estimate of 2GPs to turn this scrap gold into a coin...
The three remaining then had to escape from 6 zombies, freed a dwarf captive who ploughed through the zombies for them to find a freshly-zombied Ag who very quickly had the damaged leg completely removed.
So tonight both Ag and Thane are my favourites!

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