Sunday, May 13, 2012

Escape from Khosht

Four of us had a crack at Andrew Greene's Escape from Khosht this weekend. In the first session I GM'd it, staying fairly close to the script. One player chose to take the character of Chi Chi, an NPC in the solo, while the others brought their owner characters. Two - Chi Chi included - escaped via the postern gate (empty handed) but the last lingered to long and failed in his attempt to pretend to be a member of the City Watch. He's in jail, slated for execution tomorrow (he did kill a fair few, mostly gratuitously).
The others made to Noseblow, a village to the north, where they along with a local - a Gnome wizard of delicate frame - were hired by the Cult of the Death Goddess  to follow a map of the sewer system under the city to get into the museum's basement, where the real Eye, was kept securely, with the option of getting into the jail first to add Riccardio to their number. The price for obtaining the Eye for the Cult was 100,000 GPS.
They descended down a well in the abandoned village of Ardvark, outside the western wall of Khosht, discovering that it was abandoned when it became the home of a poltergeist who enjoyed hurling rough tiles.
The dwarf warrior, Romano, was tough but having his head opened up by one of these roof tiles, then being half eaten alive by sewer rats and later taking the full force of a spear thrust through his helmleft him doubting the wisdom of taking the novice delver along with him, even if he was the one with the magic arsenal.
They gained a charm from a slain museum guard which Chi Chi used to calm the mega-beast guarding the Eye and they finally overcame themselves stepping out from an enchanted mirror as the finally got hold of the real eye at the end of the second day. In the last gasp, the gnome, Loft, had roll 8 or better to avoid being instant mash neath one of the beast's tentacles and the dwarf had to pray that  1and 2 did not come up when Chi Chi brought her whip down on replica of the the rogue whom he was grappling with.
Lots of NPCs and locations pulled out of the hat, a hastily invented dice pub game - a gripping epic if ever there was one!
And just maybe the elf bowman will get rescued from the cold hands of the law...

Thanks, Andrew.

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  1. Hah! We took your Eye and we're coming back for more...