Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Perry - character card


ST 7
CON 10
DEX 15
SPD 10
INT 23 (natural triple)
WIZ 17
LK 13
Height 6’
Weight 140lbs

Combat Adds +2
Missile Adds +5
Adventure Points

Armor Full leather plus steel cap
Hits 7
Languages Common, Elven, Dwarven, Trollish, Goblin, Uruk,

GP 100

SP 12

CP 15

Weapon 2 Kukris, 4 Poniards
Dice +Adds 2+5 each, 2 each

Other Valuables:
Lantern & oil, provisions, cloak, 100’ silk rope, compass, mirror, chalk, spare boots, wand of focus (spell cost less one)
Talent Understanding of others (e.g. moods, motivators) INT +5

Biography – Perry’s mother is a Wood Elf versed in empathetic magic; his father is a human ranger whom he has never met but is seeking (he has been since he reached the age of 18 and left the forest of his birth). He is a specialist in conjuring magic. He likes to make friends and is loyal if treated fairly but swift to plan and take vengeance if betrayed. His talent makes it easy for him to make friends.

Combat style - if he is in a potential combat situation he often uses Hold That Pose; other tactics are Oh Go Away or Dem Bones Gonna Rise at L2 if there are more than one opponents (the skeletons are often used to give him time to escape). He uses his talent of understanding so that he knows what it will take to talk his way out of trouble or to strike deals. He prefers to throw poniards rather than fight hand to hand but if he has to use a dagger, he frequently will attempt a dodge if he can do this with reasonable prospect of success, either to hamstring his enemy or to get away.

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