Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bunter Wants Tuck

Did you read the marvellous Frank Richards' books about Billy Bunter, the greedy, lying, lazy Greyfriars schoolboy? You should! The Fat Owl of the Remove lives on in this board game we made. If Bunter can survive the threat of detention from Mr Quelch (Q), not get booted by Coker, Wharton or Cherry and if that blessed postal order actually arrives from the pater then William George Bunter might actually break into the tuck shop and feed his fat face. Yaroo! Crikey!


  1. These stories are just about unknown in the U.S. I only know about them from reading an essay, perhaps by George Orwell, about boarding school stories.

    I came across a collection of these stories (or something very similar; it had a chubby character) at a thrift store; I really should have bought it!

    Nice to see the kids getting into the game design spirit!

  2. Guys! If you stumble across Bunter books, Wall Street says 'Buy! Buy! Buy!'.

  3. I read the Orwell essay as well, and am very familiar with Bunter. Did you know there's a whole collection of The Magnet on-line for free perusal?


    Better than a line of credit at the school tuck shop!