Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The End of the (Troll)World is Nigh (so say the Mayans, anyway)

Khazan, Khosht and Gull are about to be flooded with cheap magic items!! What's worse, warriors are going to stick badges all over their scale and plate so that wizards' spells will be warded off. The warriors will rule the world and it will be the wizards fault for making them all those silly sigils!

Or maybe not...

"The party pushed the door open to the dungeon, confident in the protective power of the collection of wards they all wore, which had cost a grand total of 275,620 gold pieces - there was no way the evil ogre wizard was going to fry them.
Or was there?
The evil ogre wizard was of a sufficiently high level to invent spells and to ensorcel items, even traps. He had set a particularly effective spell of his own design on the very door the delvers were passing through now. And he had cast a 'magic muffler' on his work.
It really was a waste of good metal when the sigils the delvers sported melted as they passed through that very first door to the evil ogre wizard's underground lair and trickled down their shiny new leather armour.
Oh well, back to the Arena of Khazan to earn some more spending stuff and back to PlutoKrat the Wealthiest Wizard in the World for more of those really effective and good value at twice the price wards."

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  1. Great read! Maybe the delvers should have been magically tattooed instead.