Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Going After The Liche-Lord

Glak is a Dark-Brotherhood assassin and he was joined by three of the Mayor's champions as the city of Khaboom determined that the rumours of Vasnarax rising had to be taken seriously. There was Atlax, the strongman wielder of an enormous spiked club, Clynostalia the elven witch and the barely-human Aracula, she of the five arms and arachnid skin. They were accompanied by five urukin, all experienced guards and soldiers, four to delve into the dungeon beneath the mausoleum on the hill, one to look after the horses and wagon.

There was a case for saying that more should have stayed up top, with so many goblins, hobgoblins and ogres raiding the countryside for miles around at night, almost to the borders of the Rainbow Palace kingdom to the south but the group had befriended a seriously large hill giant, who lived in the surrounding Forest of Maugaral. The giant did not like the 'hobbies' or the 'gobbies' but he did warm to his new friend, the 'big little boy', Atlax.

With their escape route secure, the scouting delve began...

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