Sunday, March 17, 2013

Perry's Battle Against Evil

Perry gripped on to the Ekwinelva tightly and grimaced as a gargoyle and a dire bat targeted him. As soon as they were in range, Perry hit the gargoyle with a Hold That Pose spell (rolls 2.3), causing the monster to plummet like a stone to the ground (the gargoyle takes 6d6 damage from the fall = 24, MR now 66). The Ekwinelva circled the dire bat (needs higher roll than bat to elude the monster; rolls 9; bats rolls 1,2) with superb flying skills causing the bat to stall its wings as it was bemused by its airy trickery.

Perry fired his bow at close quarters (rolls 2 on 1d6) skewering the bat and doing 20 points of damage; the Ekwinelva smashed the hurt and helpless monster with its powerful front hooves, doing a further 65 points of damage – the tattered and bloody bat spiraled to the ground where the shock of impact killed it stone dead.

The gargoyle rose into the air once more and Perry laughed and waved his hand at it, in an unspoken taunt. The gargoyle’s eyes rolled in a hapless understanding of what was to come: another Hold That Pose spell! [Rolls 1,2 – the spell failed!] Perry roared as his over-confidence proved an annoyance. The gargoyle did not even realise what had gone wrong for the half-elf.

The Ekwinelva circled and feinted, waiting for Perry’s command, giving the now fully-focused conjuror the chance to try his spell again. [Rolls 4,5 – lightning didn’t strike twice!] The gargoyle froze, as it knew it would, and fell again, this time from a lesser height but still taking 10 more points of damage (MR now 56). The Ekwinelva dropped menacingly over the monster and when Perry had recovered from casting his spell, he fired his bow again [rolls 4, fine], sticking the gargoyle in the left shoulder and doing a further 30 points of damage.

Perry nudged the Ekwinelva with his heels gently and the creature stamped on the gargoyle’s head, shattering its skull (a further 110 points of damage). The battle was over. Half-elf and Ekwinelva a potent combination of magic and might.

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