Sunday, March 31, 2013

Like a Speeding Slug

A blue bear got lured out of a dungeon. Just as well - the party would have perished many times over without it. it even saved them from cholera. The fact that it only spoke ursine and uruk, neither of which they knew, made things harder but its INT of 10 was sufficient for sign language to get them by.

It had STR and CON of 100 and SPD of 16. Had. Because it looked at a gorgon's head in a ruby chest and got seriously scrambled. STR and CON doubled and SPD was quartered. The bear was now L20 by virtue of its boosted STR but was down to a statuesque 4 for SPD.

Dreadfully ponderous. Fair enough with its new stone skin.

But SPD saving rolls! Add 20 to any failed attempt and suddenly this bear reacts like an cobra on a hotplate and sprints like Usain Bolt. Roll even 1,5 and it cracks off a L3 SR on SPD. Maybe not actually a

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