Monday, March 11, 2013

Liche-Lords and Impending Doom

I've been reading through the text on the 6 levels of Andy Holmes' Liche-Lord adventure.

That liche packs a serious punch. Lower down (or higher up the dungeon complex from a surface-dwellers perspective), there are some seriously bad magic users to encounter before getting to Mr Evil.

First, there's a L8 wizard and then it's up to L11.

Now I think that unless I develop careful motivation  and character for these wizards, the most likley outcome will be that - given a powerful party of delvers, let's say 6 PCs at L5 - these wizards would kill one or two each before being taken out.

Having a L5 character killed without much of a chance never goes down well, not least because, short of dropping into a friendly transformational solo, building to L5 is not a quick task.

I don't suppose these L8 and 11 wizards are that keen to pop off the old mortal coil as soon as a treasure-frenzied pack of delvers appears either.

I think the players need to be very well equiped and have Plans A-E synchronised before they venture into such danger - Ken's new Outer Sanctum posting on creating magical/bespelled items for dT&T is very apt.

I need to think carefully what the dungeon wizards will do if alerted to the presence of intruders.

There are a lot of spells that an invisible L8 or 11 wizard on home turf could use to savage even an experienced and well-prepared party of L5 delvers.

If I was a L5 wizard, I'd stay at home!

What do reckon? Is it suicide?

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