Friday, March 1, 2013

Wow - there on the Trollhalla sidebar!

I've neglected this poor blog since the end of this year, when I was happily writing about my adventures in one of Andy Holmes' solos.

Then, out of the blue, Andy James emailed me and asked if this was my current blog address as he was going to add it and my new solo, Deception: Strangebrew's Chambers of the Unknown, to the Trollhalla sidebar. That feels like becoming a 13th Level Wizard and having some standing in the Guild!

So, my resolution is to post on here much more regularly.

Thanks to Andy and to all those who helped with getting Deception' to it's launch pad. The hardest part has been making a printed book. In the end, I just had to give up with Drive Thru and the Lightning Source template as I just kept getting it wrong time and time again.

Then I looked at Lulu and saw the rosy light of a new dawn! So, for me, it's Drive Thru for pdfs and Lulu for books. I now know that I could have uploaded a much bigger cover jpeg to Lulu so I will replace the one I hit the jackpot with. The two copies I ordered might not be perfect resolution but they will take a while to reach New Zealand.

While I ordered 'Deception'. I was spurred into buying Andy H's 'Liche-Lord' GM adventure, which Ken gave high praise to. I'm lucky, unlike many, because I will have a group to GM it for. We all loved 'Goblin Crag' so much that it will be a priority to play when it arrives in the mailbox.

I hope, once the dT&T workload lightens, to have Steve Crompton draw up Khaghtch'an, the Kraken Continent, into a beautiful colour map, in the style of the Eagle and Dragon Continents. That will be amazing - our games have really taken on new life since the setting was resolved (and keeps getting bigger and more complex).

At the moment, I'm stuck into writing a solo for wizards who can win an alien bride, set in the foul Jungles of Phantog.

We are play-testing my giga-solo, 'The Poisoned Chalice' this weekend. It just didn't work well for one character so I switched it over to being for a group of six and now we are flying!

I think my next book release will be a six-pack omnibus edition of 2012 work, all currently available as pdfs. This will be 5 solos of varying length and one GM adventure. I think an experienced gamer can 'solo' a GM adventure just as it is easy to 'GM' solos. I have written a 'dirty tricks' option for Rotten Borough - Election Special in which you vie to become the new Mayor of Stoneydaze (those citizens are a tad idealistic, I admit!). I think that should give a good shot of re-playability.

It makes me realise how easy it is to write an add-on for any adventure. Maybe I'll have a think about the great 'Arena of Khazan' which after so many years is really just an opportunity for experienced players to make characters rich quick.

Enough already. Thanks again, Andy :)

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  1. it's about time!!!!

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